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Infant formula

Since april 14. 2012, the syrian regime has bombed the infant formula in IDLEB, Syria, stopping all production. This regime besieged Aleppo, Hama Read more >


Since the beginning of the revolution in Syria in 2011, most pharmaceutical factories have ceased production in the country. They were bombed or may no longer work due to  Read more >

The Humanitarian aid

More than four years and the Syrian crisis continue.The international community cannot find a political solution to stop the bombing, the shelling Read more >

Help Syria is a humanitarian non-profit association helping vulnerable civilian  of the war in Syria, legally constituted according to the Swiss Civil Code of Laws. The association is chaired by Mr. Shalhoub Basel, managed by a committee, and supported by active members and supporting members.

All members work voluntarily without pay or bonus.

It does not belong to any political or religious organization.

The objective of the association is to rescue and relieve Syrian civilians suffering the consequences of the revolt of the population in 2011 and ruthlessly suppressed by the army and mercenaries.

Children are the main victims of this tragedy. Millions of people have been killed, injured and forced into exile. The highest rate of Syrian refugees is located in camps on the borders of the country. Inside Syria itself, cities and entire regions are under siege and are suffering from lack of food and health care,It does not belong to any political or religious organization  Read more >

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Association Help Syria
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